Argia Coppola is an Italian playwright and poet based in New York.
Her latest play, Love is Blonde, based on the novel Blonde by Joyce Carol Oates, opened in Italy in November 2017, where it was well received by audience and critics. The play is set to run in Milan in January 2019, and an Industry Reading is currently being planned in New York for Spring 2019. 

Ms. Coppola’s previous work includes numerous plays that have been produced and published throughout Europe to great acclaim. These include: The Game of the Princess (produced in Paris, 2011 and published in its French version in 2013); Eroina Mia Eroina (presented at the International Festival of Performing Arts in Algiers, 2012); Ouija (a monologue, also performed by Ms. Coppola, produced to rave reviews in Italy, 2011); Boston Marriage by David Mamet, a drawing-room play readapted for luxury apartments (premiered at TST of Turin in January 2012), and The Blue/ Rose (produced at the Teatro Stabile of Turin, one of Italy’s three most prominent theaters, and published in Italian).

Ms. Coppola has collaborated worldwide with the award-winning Italian production companies Marcido Marcidoris and Famosa Mimosa and with directors including Gabriele Vacis, Mario Martone and Irene Papas. Her work has been featured at the Festival of Performing Arts in Algiers, the Greek Festival of Epidauro, and at the INDA festival in Sicily – among many others. Ms. Coppola’s own production company, Little Blue Wren Productions, was awarded the international development grant “Note & Sipari” by Fondazione CRT of Turin for two years running.

Ms. Coppola has also published a collection of poems, The Mystery of the Father.
Her recent poem “Victory of a Civil War” was a semi-finalist at THE NEW GUARD Knightville Poetry Contest, and was published in “The New Guard,” Volume V. 

A salient aspect of Ms. Coppola’s personal background is her Greek heritage, which is present in her creative works. Her credentials reflect an extensive background in the humanities, centered on literature and the performing arts (semiology of the show, ethnomusicology, theater, cinema, dance, stage directing, acting and diction). She holds a BA in Playwriting and Dramaturgy from D.A.M.S. (School of Arts), an MFA in Drama from the Teatro Stabile in Turin, and a PhD in Drama with a concentration in Playwriting from Columbia University.

She is a current member of The Dramatist Guild of America.