Complete Tutoring in Italian/ Theatrical Literature


$550 (down from $650)
8 weeks, 3 hours per week


The main GOALS of this course are:

A.  To have fun learning;

B.  To engage in simple conversations in Italian with native Italian speakers;

C.  To build a strong foundation with the basic grammar: verbs, prepositions, and phrase construction; 

D.  To retrace your own heritage by learning the culture of the language;

E.  To plan a trip to Italy ENTIRELY in Italian.


This language course is designed for "Americans with Italian Heritage".

Italian is a “long” and musical language, whereas English tends to be a “short” and abbreviated language.

For example, the word for “kite” in Italian is “aquilone”. If you follow the sound of the word, it becomes clear how “kite” is short and “aquilone” is long. 

The first trick to learning Italian quickly is listening to the sound of the language. It is a round sound; every word ends in a closed syllable. The best and most creative way to learn a language is to picture it—to visualize the body of the language and its sound. Listening to a language, first and foremost, means seeing the words before saying them, the way we did as young children. 

Italian is a Romance language, which means it derives from Latin. Only part of the English lexicon derives from Latin. 

Insofar as they both draw from Latin, English and Italian have a wide range of words and expressions in common. This is just one reason that it can be easy for Americans with Italian Heritage to reconnect with their family language, that of their parents or grandparents.